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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eyecandie Refreshare

Last few days, I've been contact by Mbak Tina for designing her header blog. And then i asked her blog address, then i go checked out her Eyecandie Blog and i suddenly in love with her handmade accessories. She made a handmade brooches, pin and ring. The feminine style that she made has caught my eyes, and she is doing some tutorial at her blog too. When i did the design, i took a bit of time because of my other deadlines (sorry Mbak Tina D:)

The "Eyecandie" names is remind me of something sweets and girly stuff. And her product matched with the names. So i decided to make the header that presented something with the sweets and girly. Glad she likes it when i show it to her, and she post a blog with the review about Heppie Yippie on it (Yay! Thanks Mbak Tina :*)

Find out more about Eyecandie Handmade on 
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  1. yeayyyyy... thank you for the review tya..^^
    i'm so happy when i read it ^^

    1. You're very welcome.. ak yang makasi mbaaak :*

  2. nice blog!maybe we can follow each other if you want?


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