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Friday, March 23, 2012

"Paris city at Night" Tas Jeans Handmade

Good Day everyone, how's your day in this long weekend ? In this weekend, we have a special request from a friend. She asked us to make a jeans bag with some Paris things, and embroidery. She wants to make it simple, so i put a few of cotton quilt on street and the roof. I hope she likes it :)

I am very sorry, this beautiful little creature is not available anymore.
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We will wait for your order :)


  1. oh,oh..ternyata Heppie Yippie juga "baru balik dari Paris" :D

    1. heheheh... iya nih mbak Rika, capek bgt abis muterin eifel :P

  2. ini harganya brapa mba :)?

    1. yang ini custom Tiara, udah sold out :) harganya Rp. 80.000,


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