Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine Gift for Him

Love is all around !
Are you still wondering what would you give to your boyfriend for valentine's day ? I'm a bit confuse  when i wanted to give a gift for my boyfriend. I want it to be sweet but not too feminine and also  useful for him. On this post, i would like to share some of my treasures that i found from Etsy and other sources.

1. Wooden Bow Tie // 2. Wooden Couple I-phone Case // 3. Geeky Superman Ring 
// 4. Wooden Comb // 5. Handmade Guitar Pick Personalized

Personally, i love the I-phone case and the wooden bow tie one. Commonly, products for couple identical with something sweet or feminine. Those gifts that i mentioned above are useful for Him. Guitar Pick for Guitarist, Mustache comb for Mr.Perfect, Superman Ring for Marvel lovers, Wooden case for Gadget maniac, and wooden bow tie for Mr. Classy. They can be an uncommon stuff for your boyfriend to celebrate Valentine's day.  I hope you can inspired by them now. 
Have a great day, lovebird !

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Free Quote Wallpaper #1

Download this free quote wallpaper to brighten your gadget and your day also

Click this link to download

*Disclaimer : Design by Heppie Yippie, Font by Castro Script, Watercolor brush by Premium Pixels

Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Favorite 2015 Color Trends

 Cheerful color was a dominated color in the year of 2014, where Cayenne and Tangerine is a popular color of that year. In this year, some bright color still have some fans, and the other one is kind a bit darker or lighter.
This is some of my favorite color of this year, i like Marsala or Burgundy one because it's a bit glamorous if you match it with gold or black.

Last year, Freesia Yellow has captured people eye's but on this year it's kind a lighter than Freesia but still a perfect match color specially for home and design. I think this kind of color will be the next trend color in 2016

Monday, January 19, 2015

Farewell, my inspiring person

Hardest goodbye to say to Bob Sadino. He is my inspiring and my role model in an entrepreneur world. He died because of his sickness for over a year, his health was dropping after the death of his wife a year ago. Bob Sadino died at the age of 81 year.

Bob Sadino is a great successor in Indonesia, he has enterprise network in food major called Kemfood and Kemchick. His success doesn't come that easily, when he was opening his first business, he sold his goods with his own cart. Then, his business growing rapidly with his name. He also known as a "pengusaha nyentrik" or eccentric entrepreneur because of his appearance. He always wear short pants to wherever he goes, even when he met President Soeharto in a formal occasion.

From zero to hero is a perfect line to describe him. His success story has been heard by many people and also has been inspiring all of people in Indonesia and the world including me. He always be remembered as a great entrepreneur with all of his motivational word. My favorite quote from him is "The smallest business that you have, you are the boss" 

Rest in Peace Mr. Bob, your word will always be heard in the decade after decade.

Happy Birthday We Made ! (Very Late Post)

Happy 2nd Birthday @We_MadeID !

I'm very very sorry for my abstain and this very late post to Mbak Putri. Mbak Putri invited me to We Made's birthday party, but i can't make it because i had to finish my exam and prepare for my exhibition in Jogjakarta.

But then again, congratulation to We Made's birthday at 6 January (it's too late, right T_T). I hope that We Made will be surrounded by glorious, joy, and love from the customers.
On that birthday party, We Made gives a lot of gifts, music and discount back then. The birthday party was surrounded by cute decor and a lot of balloons ! Colorful party ever !

We Made also gives a lot of voucher and giveaway to the customers. It was @keikdessert , and Heppie Yippie also give the birthday present to We Made. Heppie Yippie gives quote cushion that would be our upcoming product. Congratulation to the winner!

It has been 2 years, since I know Mbak Putri and her delicious western food. When I was living in Semarang, I always hanging out with my friends to We Made that placed in Jl. Murbei III no 3, Semarang.  You can never forget the homey atmosphere that We Made's give, and also you can have warm smile from the owner *giggle.

We Made has unique taste of western food, all of the menu was made with secret ingredients that has special place in your tongue. My favorite one is their hot tea blends, that have a balanced sweetness level. For the food, i preferred all of the food in the menu haha, because all of the food has their unique taste. I choose a menu that has a cream cheese as a topping, because the tender and thickness is sooo yummy.  (Ough ! My tummy started to growling right now)

If you visit Semarang, and want to try some different western food. We Made is the place to satisfy your hunger, and don't forget to try the cream cheese then ask to pour more of it on your plate *giggle

*Disclaimer : All of the photos from @We_MadeID, except the cushion one ;)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Be Chic with HY's Pouch

Inilah penampakan Chic Pouch yang nantinya akan jadi materi workshop di Make it Class nanti, menggunakan perpaduan kulit, kain kanvas, dan embroidery yang bisa peserta kreasikan sendiri dengan modul yang berisi berbagai tips dan jenis-jenis sulaman yang nantinya akan dibagikan kepada masing-masing peserta.

Soo be there, girls !  Stay update with Make it Class season 2 on Blog , Facebook and Twitter. See ya !

Friday, November 28, 2014

Make it Class season 2

Sangat lama sekali saya tidak posting sesuatu di blog ini, maafkan yaa karena berbagai jadwal yang tabrakan dan harus merelakan salah satu *hiks. Diantara serangkaian jadwal itu, ada satu event seru yang akan diadakan pada Februari 2015 nanti yaitu Make it Class season 2.

Kenapa season 2? memang ada yang season 1 ya? Yepss ! Untuk mengulang keramaian di season 1 dan antusias peserta untuk pengen banget ikutan kalo ada lagi, maka dari itu kami akan mengadakan Make it Class lagi dengan materi yang beda dan berbagai voucher menarik yang sudah disediakan oleh sponsor, seru banget kan!

Buat yang penasaran, bakal bikin apa di Make it Class season 2 ini. Ada kelas bikin Caricature Doll by WoiDesign dan Chic Pouch by HeppieYippie

Untuk lebih jelasnya dan mau ikutan acara ini, bisa banget cek di blog Make it Class Season 2 dan ikuti berita terupdatenya di

Chic pouch by Heppie Yippie

Caricature Doll by WoiDesign

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

We are now (finally) Open Order

Lucky January Giveaway with Madie's Store

Hola ! Selamat tahun baru 2014 yaa Fellow, apa resolusi kalian di tahun baru ini? Semoga terkabul semua yaa, dan tahun 2014 ini menjadi tahun yang baik dan penuh berkah bagi semuanya, Aamiin...

Di awal tahun 2014 ini, sekaligus merayakan re-opening nya Heppie Yippie. Heppie Yippie dan Madie's Store akan bagi-bagi hadiah bagi 2 orang yang beruntung di bulan January ini yaitu masing-masing akan mendapatkan 1 buku craft dari Heppie Yippie dan 1 pouch dari Madie's Store.
Satu pemenang bagi yang post sebanyak-banyaknya dan satu lagi bagi yang order pada bulan ini !

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  • Point tambahan jika kamu share giveaway kami di social media seperti twitter, facebook, dan blog :)
  • Beri komentar di post blog "Lucky January" dan tulis resolusi kamu di tahun 2014 ini lalu beri alamat email dan twitter kamu
  • 2 orang yang beruntung di bulan January ini yaitu masing-masing akan mendapatkan 1 buku craft dari Heppie Yippie dan 1 pouch dari Madie's Store. Satu pemenang bagi yang post sebanyak-banyaknya dan satu lagi bagi yang order pada bulan ini !
  • Giveaway ini berlangsung tanggal 14 January sampai  9 February 2014, dan akan diumumkan tanggal 10 February 2013 
  • Yang paling banyak sebarin ke social media bakal dapet prizenya, asik kan! 
  • Oiyah! Jangan lupa taruh sidebar ini di blog kamu ;)

  • Lucky January

    Sunday, October 6, 2013

    Heppie Yippie on Tabloid Cempaka edisi 25

    Thanks for Tabloid Cempaka for letting us to fill the tutorial rubrics :)

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