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Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Birthday We Made ! (Very Late Post)

Happy 2nd Birthday @We_MadeID !

I'm very very sorry for my abstain and this very late post to Mbak Putri. Mbak Putri invited me to We Made's birthday party, but i can't make it because i had to finish my exam and prepare for my exhibition in Jogjakarta.

But then again, congratulation to We Made's birthday at 6 January (it's too late, right T_T). I hope that We Made will be surrounded by glorious, joy, and love from the customers.
On that birthday party, We Made gives a lot of gifts, music and discount back then. The birthday party was surrounded by cute decor and a lot of balloons ! Colorful party ever !

We Made also gives a lot of voucher and giveaway to the customers. It was @keikdessert , and Heppie Yippie also give the birthday present to We Made. Heppie Yippie gives quote cushion that would be our upcoming product. Congratulation to the winner!

It has been 2 years, since I know Mbak Putri and her delicious western food. When I was living in Semarang, I always hanging out with my friends to We Made that placed in Jl. Murbei III no 3, Semarang.  You can never forget the homey atmosphere that We Made's give, and also you can have warm smile from the owner *giggle.

We Made has unique taste of western food, all of the menu was made with secret ingredients that has special place in your tongue. My favorite one is their hot tea blends, that have a balanced sweetness level. For the food, i preferred all of the food in the menu haha, because all of the food has their unique taste. I choose a menu that has a cream cheese as a topping, because the tender and thickness is sooo yummy.  (Ough ! My tummy started to growling right now)

If you visit Semarang, and want to try some different western food. We Made is the place to satisfy your hunger, and don't forget to try the cream cheese then ask to pour more of it on your plate *giggle

*Disclaimer : All of the photos from @We_MadeID, except the cushion one ;)

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