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Monday, January 19, 2015

Farewell, my inspiring person

Hardest goodbye to say to Bob Sadino. He is my inspiring and my role model in an entrepreneur world. He died because of his sickness for over a year, his health was dropping after the death of his wife a year ago. Bob Sadino died at the age of 81 year.

Bob Sadino is a great successor in Indonesia, he has enterprise network in food major called Kemfood and Kemchick. His success doesn't come that easily, when he was opening his first business, he sold his goods with his own cart. Then, his business growing rapidly with his name. He also known as a "pengusaha nyentrik" or eccentric entrepreneur because of his appearance. He always wear short pants to wherever he goes, even when he met President Soeharto in a formal occasion.

From zero to hero is a perfect line to describe him. His success story has been heard by many people and also has been inspiring all of people in Indonesia and the world including me. He always be remembered as a great entrepreneur with all of his motivational word. My favorite quote from him is "The smallest business that you have, you are the boss" 

Rest in Peace Mr. Bob, your word will always be heard in the decade after decade.

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