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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Crafting DIY with Ciss Handmade and Cranberries Craft

Last couple week on Sunday, 15th April, Cranberries Craft and Ciss Handmade were held a crafting workshop which is held in Mbak Upi's house. Actually the accessories workshop were held on 14th April, i was totally forgot on that day, so i came on the day after. On that day, i think i was the first one who is came to the accessories workshop. But mbak Arrie from Cranberries Craft said that there is still one more who would come to join with me, while i was doing the brooches i looked at the doll workshop. They're all a cute stuff at the doll workshop, i wanted to join the doll workshop again next time. 
I've learn how to make so many accessories things, such as headband, bangles, brooches, and necklaces. Thanks for Mbak Arrie and Mbak Dya for the "private" course hihihi...

Thaaanks kakak2.... you both RAWRKK ! \m/

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