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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Attention! New limited Bags is Coming to Town

I am very sorry, this beautiful little creature is not available anymore.
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I don't know why i always loved to make animals creature and owl is one of the most character which i always make is owl, this one i made owl mom and the baby owl sleeping. Honestly, i prefer to make owl that have tiny eyes or a huge eyes than the sleeping one because they are so cute when their eyes looks pop up

Tas Owl Jeans Perca Handmade by Heppie Yippie™

And this one is a quilting hand bag, i wanted to make some different kind of style which is i always make animals character. This time i wanted to make the "plain" one, with using some japan fabric. I love the japan pattern, because they always have beautiful tiny flower pattern and the texture is so soft.

Tas Tangan motif Bunga by Heppie Yippie™

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