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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Make It" Class on Valentines Day (Very Late Report)

Hey girls, hows your day ? It's been a long time since my late post (again -___-) I've been busy with so many things during this past two months, specially holding this event. With my two best friends, we were holding a cooking class and crafting class. Washi and her sister Teh Nisa were a mentor of a cooking class, with their brand Annisa Cakes which is sold cute cupcakes, cookies and many sweets food, i will upload some picture of their cakes, they are extremely adorable, you should try one :) . For Crafting Class, I myself being a mentor. We are also get a huge help from some sponsor and also @InfoTembalang as a media partner.

And this are some picture from "Make it" Class :)


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