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Sunday, October 21, 2012

9 things i like

  1. Leather Vintage Bag // It's very comfortable bag, i always bring it to wherever i go. And i like some vintage things so this one is a must have item list if i have to go outside // image source
  2. Myurbey's Piano Cushion // Soft cushion from Myurbey is one of a must have item in my room. Simple yet comfortable, it always be my "best friend" when i have to wake up all night long // myurbeys blog
  3. Owl Cupcake from Cupcake Episode // That's cupcakes from my boyfriend. He gave me on my birthday last month, that's so sweet :* // Cupcake Episode
  4. Key Necklaces // Key necklaces is my must have accessories, i never go without my key necklace. It's kind a simple, but loved it // image source
  5. Long Sleeve Sweater // My favorite outfit is a long sleeve sweater, it's a chic and easy-to-wear clothes // image source
  6. A cup of lemon tea // I always like the moment in the morning is have a cup of lemon tea, such a relaxing moment while you enjoying read some books at the backyard 
  7. Fettuccine Alfredo //  Yummy fettuccine from Pisa Cafe n Resto Semarang, you have to try this if you like some Italy food
  8. My guitar // Have some nice weather in the rainy afternoon and put my guitar then blubbering some lyrics
  9. Owl ring // Just in love at first sight with this ring at the flea market at Solo. 

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