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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wedding Party at Pesta Keboen Semarang

photo by

2 weeks ago, me, my mom and my big family were attending my relatives wedding party at Pesta Keboen Semarang. It was a simple party with a few guest, just a family and some close friends but it was a very beautiful and a romantic party. The party was holding at Pesta Keboen Semarang at Jl. Veteran 29, Semarang. It is a restaurant that have a vintage concept interior design. You'll find some cute vintage furniture and objects when the first time you open the white door. At the front restaurant it was look like an old house, and doesn't look like a restaurant at all. But it was quite interesting when you come in. I took some picture when we are at Pesta Keboen, it has a beautiful spot in every details. If you're doing a photography this place is a worth it to doing some photo hunt.
Me and my mom also don't want to miss to take some photograph in those place :)


  1. Halloooo heppieyippie! maret besok aku ke semarang loooh *ga nanya ya? haha

  2. honey darling..

    you and your mum looks like twin !
    bener dehh..mirip bangeeett..

    suka bgt sm liputan wedding party-nya ini..aku ijin masukin ke blog-kua ya dear..:)
    nti aku link banck ke dirimu..foto2nya jg ntar di credit..:)

    1. waaaa... makasih mbaak :* hahaa si ibu awet muda berarti :P

      asiikasikk...sibb mbak :D


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