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Monday, January 16, 2012

Akhi & Ukhti Couple Pillow

Hello Morning Everyone ! Hope you all in a good mood today, cause i am now -finally- presenting our brand new product  " Ready Stock Pillow Couple - Akhi & Ukhti " Which is take a long time for me to finish this and some ready stock product in a middle of final exam, and thank Allah that my mom always helping me with sewing things. Love you, Mom !! :**

A lot of people asking me how to buy The Couple Pillow that i made a couple weeks ago, but that was a gift to my friend so i can't sell it. So i decided to make another couple pillow, which is not so different with the couple pillow that i made for my friends wedding. I added some embroidery word that says "Salam Ya Akhi" and "Salam Ya Ukhti". Akhi is a nickname for female muslim to male muslim, and Ukhti is a nickname for male muslim to female muslim. And it's perfectly cute for a wedding gift, isn't it? :)

I am very sorry, this beautiful little creature is not available anymore.
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  1. waaaaa... kalao bantalnya seperti ini, jadi tahu deh mana yg bisa diciumi..



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