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Friday, December 30, 2011

Lova Revolutionary's Colorful Stuff

While I browsed DeviantART to get some owl inspiration to my next special owl edition, I found this cute little fella from Lova Revolutionary , at first I saw colorful felt owl phone case and suddenly fell in love with them. A beautiful mix between felt with patterned fabric makes this owl phone case looks adorable, and I love the way she stitched it looks very neat :)

Owl Phone Cozies by Lovarevolutionary

Just like found a treasure, I found another cute stuff that she made and i was totally amazed with that. Not just a phone case that she made, but also some plushies, pins, and brooches.

Fabric Rosette Pins by Lovarevolutionary

Felt Acorn Embroidery Hoop by Lovarevolutionary

Felt Embroidery Teddy Bears by Lovarevolutionary

Felt Key Chain by Lovarevolutionary

Aaannd many other cute stuff, check out her blog and deviantART and find the other craft.

Find Lova Revolutionary at :

deviantART │ Blog  │  Facebook  │  Twitter


  1. Hello Hippe Yippe, thx for visiting my blog (I follow your blog now :D)

  2. blog walking mang bikin refresh yah
    love ur site
    salam kenal heppie

  3. Mbak Dewi : A big thanks mbak :D

    Gelitik : Yapp, true! Thaaank you, Salam kenal juga :D

  4. You have such a pretty blog! Thank you so much for featuring my work! <3, Jodie / Lova Revolutionary


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